Designport Structural Engineering

  • Structural design of domestic, light industrial and commercial buildings
  • Industrial warehouse structural design
  • Timber building design and retaining wall design
  • Building seismic strengthening
  • Review of design for economy and code compliance or breaches of code

Designport Geotechnical Engineering

  • Land development geotechnical investigations & reports
  • Steep sites and slope stability assessment
  • Foundation investigations
  • Foundation design and inspection
  • Earthworks certification& completion report
  • Common driveway design

Designport Project Management/Construction Monitoring

  • Carry out land development and building construction management
  • Monitor project progress and budget and subcontractors
  • Organise regular site meeting and liaise with relevant parties incl. council
  • Building consent application on behalf

Designport Commercial Building Fitout Design/Fire Engineering

  • Fitout design incl. building plans, plumbing, structural& fire for shop/office/restaurant/warehouse etc.
  • Fire safety report to Acceptable Solution C/AS of NZ Building Code for commercial buildings

Designport Stormwater and Wastewater

  • Stormwater and sewage pipeline design
  • Flood report & soakage design

Designport Resource Consent Application

  • Environmental effect assessment
  • Earthwork methodology and completion report